The future of Amazon is female indigenous.

Increasing fires and violent deforestation caused by agribusiness and extractive industries is pushing the Amazon forest ecosystem to its brink.

Indigenous people from Brazil have been constantly threatened by the harmful invasion of squatters, rogue miners, and illegal loggers in their lands, as well by policies aimed at profit and power, with disastrous consequences for the planet.

The illegal encroachment across Indigenous Territories and the unrestrained increase in the destruction of Brazilian biomes are putting the lives and lands of the Brazilian natives at stake. But the indigenous women are stronger than ever and will not shut up until they get respect.

GIANTS BY NATURE is a video manifesto that amplifies the female voice from the original people of Brazil's land to protect their culture, environment and rights.

 Guardians of the Amazon

Watch the movie, share and help amplify those voices. Together we are stronger and can empower them to defend the environment, advance indigenous rights, and address climate change.

Title: 'Giants By Nature'
Idealization: Carol Gavazzi and Watatakalu Yawalapiti
Direction and direction of Photography: João Unzer and Rogo de Castro