Mehinako hammock - Red and white
Mehinako hammock - Red and white

Mehinako hammock - Red and white

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Handcrafted by local Mehinako artisans.

Origin: Xingu Indigenous Park nature reserve. South of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil.

Artisan: Paipualu Mehinako

Colour: Natural fibre and cotton threads in red and white

Size: 365 cm long, 160 cm wide

Material: Made from Buriti fibres and cotton threads

About the Mehinako people and their products:

Using a hammock to sleep is a tradition that still persists among indigenous ethnic groups. They called it "ini". Mehinako hammocks are made from Buriti fibres and coloured cotton wefts. They are made from a single buriti thread with no seams. For this manual work, the women of the tribe spin a huge role with the fibre. Then they make the hammock and finally weave their wefts with coloured cotton. Due to the extensive work involved in making buriti yarn, assembling the warp and weaving it, it takes months to complete a hammock. A real masterpiece. More on this...