Mehinako basket - Blue, red, and black
Mehinako basket - Blue, red, and black

Mehinako basket - Blue, red, and black

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Handcrafted by local Mehinako artisans.

Origin: Xingu Indigenous Park nature reserve. South of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil.

Artisan: Yaritsu Waura

Colour: Natural fibre and cotton threads in blue, red and black

Size: 26 cm long, 26 cm wide and 10 cm high

Material: Buriti fibre woven with cotton threads

About the Mehinako people and their products:

The different types of Mehinako baskets include the Kuño baskets, items that were originally used to serve food, as a colander, or to collect fish after fishing. However, they are recognised as a work of art and decorative pieces due to their mastery of manual labour and the use of graphics related to elements of Mehinako cosmology. The Mehinako women use the finest and most delicate fibre leaves of the Buriti palm for their production. They put together the pieces that the straw ribbons weave into bamboo loops, then embroider the colourful patterns with cotton threads. More on this...